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Las Flores Canyon to top of StuntFrom sea level to nearly the highest road in the Santa Monica’s in just a few miles equals one heck of a climb.

Difficulty Rating: 2

Distance: 5.8 miles

Climb Rating: HC

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    • Though it does not have the most elevation gain of the climbs listed here, it does go from 0 to 2370 feet. No other climb quite does that, though Yerba Buena (number 3) comes really close going all the way up to 2340 feet. It does not have the most climbing because there is no downhill anywhere on it. It is purely uphill after the first bit of flat riding. For that reason alone you have to love this climb.
    • What is really amazing about this climb is that is starts out flat for quite some time. You keep waiting for it to kick up but it seems to take forever before doing so. That means there is less distance to get up to 2370 feet and you really just want it to start so you feel like you have accomplished something. Don’t worry though, because once it starts, man does it go up. And up! And up! And up!
    • A very cool and narrow canyon down low. You kind of wonder why they put a road in here in the first place. If it were not for the houses I am sure this would have gone the way of Tuna Canyon.
    • You get options during a very steep section about way up. You can choose to go up the insanely steep road (Las Flores) or, if you prefer, the insanely steep road (Hume to Rambla Pacifico). I love options. Hmmm, which road do I want to have my aneurysm on today?
    • The view behind you is pretty amazing though you will never have the time or energy to look at it. The rocks are pretty spectacular on the upper half as well.
    • You can approach this climb by going down Tuna Canyon Road. Everyone needs to descend Tuna at least once. Note: Stop and let rims cool often. Disclaimer: I may mention Tuna Canyon several times. That is because it is so much fun. It is also one of the best climbs around, but since it is illegal to go that direction on it, and I never do anything illegal, I have not listed it here. It would be high on this list however if I did it, which I don’t so... Did I mention its a good climb? 


    • Lots of traffic, especially down low. They have packed a ton of homes into the area and you have a lot of pissy Malibu drivers on that road that can’t be bothered with your unworthy bike riding ass.
    • Very nasty sections of PCH all around this road. Better if you are coming from the south but it really sucks if you are coming down the coast from the north. This is the biggest reason I do not do this climb more often.
las flores
las flores2

When Las Flores finally gets steep it gets really steep. Enjoy the next couple of miles.

las flores3

Rambla Pacifico Rd used to look like this. After years and years it has finally been fixed.Rambla Pacifico may be more painful than Las Flores.

Home   Honorable Mention   Climb #10   Climb #9   Climb #8   Climb #7   Climb #6   Climb #5   Climb #4   Climb #3   Climb #2   Climb #1